Jane European decoration matching skills

- Jul 26, 2018-

1, the matching of furniture

Nowadays, many Jane-European decoration is more westernized in the choice of furniture. The characteristics of Jane European furniture are that the styles can be mixed smoothly, and many natural elements can be naturally integrated, so that the space has more practical functions, and the beauty of the whole can be enjoyed in the overall style.

2, the matching of wall decoration

Jane European decoration wall decoration materials can generally choose some very special materials to decorate the room, very common is stainless steel tile trim. Jane European decoration wall decoration can also be decorated with lamps and frame shapes. When selecting lamps, you can choose some lamps with soft lines or soft light, and simple lamps.

3, the color of the match

The color of the simple European decoration color is mostly white and light, and the furniture is mostly white or dark, but it is required to be a system and the style is unified. Jane European decoration will choose silk fabrics to make the space look more luxurious and noble when choosing the fabric and texture of the fabric.

4, the mix of ground decoration

The ground color difference of Jane-European decoration is smaller. It is best to use large carpet to decorate the ground and improve the comfort of living. In the decoration, the floor can choose the marble floor tiles, which can also add a lot of color to the simple European style house.