Stainless Steel Tile Trim

We supply 304 stainless steel decorative trim for wall tiles Metal Corner channel wall corner guard with high quality and good prices,we are expecting become your long-term partner in China
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Length option:600MM/800MM/1200MM/2440MM

Material:SUS304 with quality glass and stone

SUS surface treatment:Brushed

Note: Matching corners/end caps are available.

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The advantages of stainless steel tile trim decoration:

1. Slim, lightweight, most sophisticated decoration and transformation, corners, turns, curved paraboloids and other decorative materials difficult to apply where the most suitable stainless steel tile trim decoration.

2. The stainless steel tile trim decoration is colorful and thick, giving people a strong sense of color impact.

3.stainless steel tile trim decoration has ever-changing surface effect forms, pure color, transparent, pearlescent, Symphony, Venus, bubbles, matte surface, bright surface, and forests. It is the language that is designed to appeal to individuality, vividness and interest in space. .

4. The stainless steel tile trim decoration has many colors and will not fade. It has the characteristics of firmness, acid and alkali, and never fading in the theme cultural color and the theme culture and decoration. It can be used to challenge sunlight, dust, rain and snow. The smoke outer wall environment has an irreplaceable position in the building decoration materials

5. It is the safest and most environment-friendly building material. It is completely made of natural minerals and sintered at high temperatures. It has no harmful radioactive elements on the human body. Its texture is compact and its quality is lightest. It is the most outstanding environmental protection material, and it is resistant to acids and alkalis. Chemically resistant, it is the most suitable decorative material for decoration in near waters