Stainless Steel Decor Trim In Different Colour

Stainless Steel Decor Trim In Different Colour

3D effects colored 304 stainless steel pieces within mirror polished surface 304 quality stainless steel frame. Feel boring about your bathroom backsplash? Smooth,clean,geometric shapes are essential for contemporary style design pieces.
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Stainless Steel decor trim in different colour

  • Function

  JECA decorative trim is 304 stainless steel, decorative profile for wall and skirting edges, protects the surface covering from mechanical or impact stresses. The profile features a trapezoid perforated anchoring leg that is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile and a pronounced visible surface that establishes a clean line along tile edges and allows for decorative design.

JECA   decorative trim  can also be used as a finishing profile within wall surfaces; for example, where other covering materials such as plaster, wallpaper, or tiles are to be joined.

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