JECA 2019 Stainless Steel Tile Trim For Floor Or Wall Edges

JECA 2019 Stainless Steel Tile Trim For Floor Or Wall Edges

Company Advantages: 1.Simple and easy for installation; attractive and elegant looking. 2.High corrosion resistance,high weather resistance. 3.Various colors,smoothness,high brightness. 4.Strong coated adhesion which is suitable for construction and industrial material.
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Product Details

Product Details:

Why choose us ?


We are the organization of industry and trade integration , providing you with varies of newest designed  tile trims , profiles and decorative borders .Our products mainly are exported to abroad, for wholesalers, distributors, end users, engineering contractors and home decoration with different one-on-one service.


*For wholesalers or distributors

Great value products: 400 kinds of stainless steel decorative borders and 200 kinds of existing stainless steel trims profiles range from tile trim, stair nosing, skirting board, floor transition, carpet trim and so on.

R&D: Market Analysis, professional R&D team meet your OEM/ODM request.


*For Engineering contractors
Case analysis-choose the most appropriate goods for you.
Quick molding time-about 7 working days, help you to win the tender.

*For home renovators

Professional advice, detailed installation instruction.